Pool Parties 


The Wynterhall pool is a great place to host a birthday party, gathering of friends, family reunion etc.  We have developed the following guidelines for such events to ensure the safety of all members and guests. 

  • When you book a party at the pool you will have half of the pavilion reserved for your use.  The Wynterhall party fee is $25. Checks can be made out to WSTC and mailed to P.O Box 888841, Atlanta GA 30356.
  • In addition, if you have more than 25 people attending your event, you are responsible for a clean up fee of $35.
  • Lifeguards, in addition to those already on site,  may be required during your event.  United Pools (our lifeguard company) has the following guidelines (please see this form for more details).  
    • 1 additional lifeguard is needed for every 25 people attending a party
    • The cost per lifeguard per hour is $28.50.
    • A 2 hour minimum is required.  
    • There are times when United Pools will determine that additional lifeguards are not needed (during off-peak hours).  If no additional lifeguards are needed, you will only be responsible for the Wynterhall Fees

How to Book a Party

  1. Contact social at social@wynterhall.com and provide requested date, time and approximate number of guests.  We will contact United Pools and find out how many additional lifeguards are needed (if any).
  2. Once you have confirmation that the pool is available, please fill out The United Pools Party Request Form.
  3. Pay your fees using PayPal or mail a check to United Pools.  The date is not secured until payment is received and United Pools requires a 2-week notification.  

Message from United Pools:
Due to the large amount of summer pool parties we cannot guarantee lifeguards for your party if we do not receive this form and your payment fourteen (14) days prior to the event. The cost is $28.50 per hour per lifeguard, plus a $15.00 processing fee. If this form is submitted after the two (2) week minimum there will be a $75.00 processing fee.