Pool Parties 

Ready to book a pool party? 

The Wynterhall pool is a great place to host a birthday party, gathering of friends, family reunion etc.  We have developed the following guidelines for such events to ensure the safety of all members and guests. 

  • When you book a party at the pool you will have half of the pavilion reserved for your use.  The Wynterhall party fee is $25. Checks can be made out to WSTC and mailed to P.O Box 888841, Atlanta GA 30356.
  • In addition, if you have more than 25 people attending your event, you are responsible for a clean up fee of $35.
  • Please email social@wynterhall.com to confirm the date and time is available. 
  • Lifeguards, in addition to those already on site,  may be required during your event.  Sweetwater Pools (our lifeguard company) has the following guidelines
  • Please see this link for full details and to reserve with Sweetwater once you have the date confirmed with social: https://www.sweetwaterpools.net/pool-parties/pool-party-request-form/
    • 1 additional lifeguard is needed for every 25 people attending a party
    • The cost per lifeguard per hour is $25.00 per lifeguard hour, with a minimum of $50.00 per event.  In addition to the hourly lifeguard rate, the Company shall bill the Customer a processing fee of $20.00 for each Non-Standard Lifeguard event.
    • A  2 hour minimum is required.  
    • Sweetwater Pools accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover.

How to Book a Party

  1. Contact social at social@wynterhall.com and provide requested date, time and approximate number of guests.  
  2. Once you have confirmation that the pool is available, please fill out Sweetwater Pool Party Request Form.  https://www.sweetwaterpools.net/pool-parties/pool-party-request-form/
  3. Full payment to Sweetwater seven (7) days prior to the date such lifeguard service is required along with written notices as 1)  The time and date of the party; 2)  The number of people scheduled to attend, which includes both swimmers and non-swimmers; 3)  Any special admission instructions; 4)  The general age group of the people scheduled to attend Please submit your Pool Party Form no later than 7 business days from the date of your party, payment must be made in full at the time of booking your event. A request does not confirm a party can take place, someone will contact you from our office. Pool Parties submitted less than 7 business days in advance will be charged a “Rush” fee of $50.00 to offset the cost related to last-minute scheduling if we are able to staff the event.
  4. A guest at a party is defined as any participant attending, regardless of the intent to swim.  The Company and the Customer shall use the following scale to determine the number of lifeguards required for a Non-Standard Lifeguard Hours event:


Number of People Scheduled to Attend

Number of Lifeguards Required

Up to 11


12 – 25


26 - 50


51 - 75


More than 75

Company Discretion


Any unscheduled parties with 15 or more guests will be subject to a charge of $100.00If emergency staffing is available, the rate will be $50.00/hour.  If emergency staffing is not available, then the Company reserves the right to close/cancel the party if the party poses a safety risk.